Ebony and Ivory Ministries of Janice Brown and Monte Stephens-the word of God and Christian music, based in Goldsboro, North Carolina
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Ebony and Ivory (Janice and Monte Stephens) are not only two powerful voices together, but two anointed God-called ministers. They share combined 90 years of ministry, each serving as pastors, evangelists, conference speakers, and gospel song writers and singers.
Bishop Stephens has evangelized the length and breadth of this country, Mexico, and many of the islands, conducting revivals and crusades. One noted revival in 2008 held in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania, was scheduled for four nights but divinely continued forty one nights later. Twelve hundred persons gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and many received miracle healings.
Monte is the founder of Back to the Cross Ministries and president of Freedom Records. He is a voting member of The Recording Academy of Santa Monica, California, which produces THE GRAMMYS. He is also a 5-time GRAMMY Contender and carries the title of “The Godfather of Christian Country Music.”

Janice has traveled extensively, as a gospel singer, which includes performing at President Ronald Raegan's First Inauguration, guest soloist for the Prime Minister of the Grande Bahamas and a benefit affair for the Red Cross in the Virgin Islands. She is a co-recipient of a Gold Album for Rough Side of the Mountain. It is documented that this album sold more albums than Michael Jackson's THRILLER in many markets.

The anointing of God is powerfully heard in Ebony and Ivory's first gospel album, Alive and Well, launching a world-wide musical explosion of two artist into one. This is followed by two solo albums, I Am Still Holding On by Janice, placing her as a GRAMMY Contender in 2011, and Soul Side by Monte, placing him as a 2015 GRAMMY Contender.

In the past 12 months, the Music Review has reported that Ebony and Ivory has had four #1 songs in the Top 40 Independent Inspirational songs, plus two #2 songs and two in the Top 20 hits.

Monte and Janice's ministry includes the fact that they both are authors. Janice is the author of the book, His Word for Troubled Times, a collection of sermons that unfolds the secret of God's love and that His word brings healing to one's soul, body, and mind. This book also gives a brief testimony of her life, which has proven to others that they, too, can be an overcomer of adversity.
Monte is the author of the book, Operation Payback. This book deals with the return of Jesus Christ to the earth and God's vengeance upon the enemy of man's soul.

The above success of Monte and Janice Brown boils down to one factor: their moto is “We would rather touch hearts than make the charts; our Lord is soon to come.”

Monte and Janice were joined in holy matrimony in 2010 and reside in Greenback, Tennessee.